Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses (For Class XI & XII)

The foundation cource offered by origence are focused at providing a solid foundation to the students through interactive learning process. In origence, we provide an academically stimulating environment with small batches, where the faculties guide each and every student to think analytically and adopt the right attitude that is required for success in JEE. origence runs 7 types of foundation batches viz. USP (Ultra Synchronized Program), Flair, Focus, Fusion, FTP Junior and FTP Senior.

Ultra Synchronized Program - USP

Origence is well aware of the gravity of board exams. In origence, we run a unique two year Foundation Program for Class XI and XII. Which ensures the complete addressing of Board Exams along with IIT-JEE.


Flair for Class XI Evening

In this batch, classes run for all the six days which allows slow and steady percolation of the subject matter. This batch is suitable for students of all categories.

FUSION for Class XII Evening

Similar to Class XI Evening Batch, the regular school going students are recommended for this batch. In this one year program syllabus of Class XII as well as Class XI is covered upto IIT-JEE standards. Along with IIT-JEE syllabus, we also cover CBSE Board syllabus which ensures better performance of students in Board Exam as well.

Fast Track Program - FTP Junior for Class XI

This is a special one year program for very bright students of class XI. Who are selected after rigorous internal tests. In this program, the entire syllabus of class XI is finished at JEE advanced level, and some topics from class XII are also deal with.

Fast Track Program - FTP Junior for Class XII

The students of FTP Junior Batch are carry forwarded to FTP Senior Batch for class XII. In this program, the entire syllabus of class XII is finished well in advance and thus students are able to revise the whole IIT-JEE syllabus many times before they finally face the real exam.









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